Prvé stretnutie v Budapešti

The First Workshop Meeting (Kick-off Meeting) in Budapest was organised by MTA BTK on 4-5 March, 2016 at the Institute of History, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The purpose of the meeting was to launch the project, set up the decision-making boards, establish an effective communication network of COURAGE partners and technical procedures, and begin to address the tasks in the Working Packages.

The launch workshop was of particular importance from the perspective of the successful implementation and management of the project. It was important for the participants in the various activities to arrive at a common platform, establish clear milestones to be reached, and make decisions concerning deliverables to be made. To guarantee the common platform and a shared understanding of tasks and objectives, the launch workshop accepted the COURAGE Work Manual document, which lists the main concepts, research objectives, impact target groups, and means of dissemination.

kick-off meeting budapest

Agenda of the First Workshop Meeting

March 4-5, 2016, Budapest
Institute of History, Research Centre for the Humanities
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1014 Budapest, Úri St. 53.II. Floor, Council Room (Room 224)

DAY 1 – March 4, Friday

● Introduction of partners
● Project Management & Administration (WP1) – (Sándor Horváth, MTA BTK) – Work Manual: Meetings and reporting requirements, management & monitoring (reports), quality control, decision-making boards, ethics advisor;
● Introduction: objectives; Work Manual: workgroups (networks), schedule, timeline: Deliverables, Milestones, WP2-7 (Péter Apor – MTA BTK);
● Work Package Discussions; Comments and Questions on Work Manual
● WP2: Registry: Interview guidelines, Data Acquisition Guide (WP2) (Bernadett Csurgó, Judit Gárdos – MTA TK)
● Comments and suggestions from partners (open discussion)
● Data Acquisition Methods and Tools, IT (WP3) – (András Micsik, SZTAKI)
● Comments and suggestions from partners (open discussion)


DAY 2 – March 5, Saturday

9.30- 12.30
● First tasks of the project (Sándor Horváth, MTA BTK)
● Suggestions for the initial list of collections (Balázs Beöthy, MTA BTK)
● Discussion: Suggestions for the 3-6 month work plan; detailed work plan for the next 6 months (Péter Apor, MTA BTK)
● WP5: country reports and recommendations for the EC (Ulf Brunnbauer-IOS)
● Dissemination plans & policies, planning the Opening Website (WP8) – (Tekla Gaál, MTA BTK); Q&A
● Financial issues FAQ, Q&A (Orsolya Kotnyek, MTA BTK)
● Discussion
● Wrap-up